Who We Are

Connecting with Christ and Community

Our Vision

Connecting with God through worship, prayer and study.

Connecting with each other through love, encouragement and support.

Connecting with our community through compassion, acceptance & service.

We Are:

· Local business people, farmers, clerks, sales people, blue-collar workers, social workers, teachers, & other professionals

· From a variety of denominational backgrounds

· High School graduates to post graduates, with a good proportion of college graduates

· Committed to attending Leadership Training Conferences

· Blessed to have one member do lay preaching

Our Activities Include:

· Youth Sunday School and Vacation Bible School

· Adult Education Classes

· JETS and PYF for Junior and Senior High Students

· Youth Club outreach for community youth

· Women’s PW Bible Study Groups

Mobile Food Pantry

· Deacons Helping Hands providing food and assistance to those in need.